As a non-EU resident, visiting different European cities and countries is really interesting. They differ quite a lot from the region I come from, middle-East. Although many people tend to go to famous touristic cities, such as Paris, Amsterdam, London…etc., I am much into visiting less touristic places where you can blend into the local atmosphere easier. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was one of them. The city is relatively small, and you can explore more of it in a day or two. However, I stayed there for almost three days. I was overly intrigued by the historic part of the town, known as the Old Town. It was the world’s best-preserved medieval city and felt like walking in the past. My images are part of my reflection of Tallinn’s atmosphere. Through my lens, I tried to capture people, buildings, and what I perceived of the Estonian atmosphere. Life in Tallinn seems quiet and less in a rush than in other big cities such as Stockholm or Milan, for instance. My photographs can also show the paradox of colors and buildings whenever you leave the old town. I had one of my best memories of traveling to Tallinn with a beloved friend that I would never forget.

All the photos are mine except the cover image of the post which is taken by Karson.

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