If you are here, there are only two possibilities: 1. You have accidentally clicked on ‘about’ or 2. You are willing to know more about me. Whether it’s the first or second option, I hope you continue reading this section.

I am an astrophysics student in her twenties who comes from the Middle East but studies in Europe. I am tall, slim, beautiful, kind-hearted, intelligent, patient, but a bit shy, introverted, self-critical, and perfectionist at a same time. I am keen on painting, photography, singing, writing, and reading. It is crucial for me to be authentic and to find meaning in life. I have spent several years searching for the answer to the inner philosophical questions that I have inside. Now I know that maybe there is no ‘THE’ answer, but that’s ok too. It doesn’t mean that I have to give up seeking my own answers.

My writing focuses on topics like traveling, experiencing a new culture, living far from home personal joineries and sharing my worldview. I don’t claim that I know things all, and undoubtedly I still need to learn a lot, although I am super thrilled to share what I have discovered. What I write isn’t clearly the only way to think about life, but it’s how I think and feel about it.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and if you can let me know how you think about it, it means the world to me.

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