A slice of me

Here is a part of me …

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When it’s too hard to get out of your bed

I moved to Sweden to do an Erasmus exchange program for one semester in January 2022. I’m kind of sure that the 2019 version of me who was trying to apply for universities abroad never imagined that in less than two years, she had already studied in two different countries. Let alone one of which […]


There is no future and no past, There is only the present that exists. He said. And that was enough for me to let myself drown in his arms. Cause I knew there was only the present that exists!

The Flying Love

It was a moment of realization when he started to play Amélie in the airport. There was a beautiful piano in the waiting room, free to play. I was sleeping on his knees; he whispered into my ears, ‘I wanna play some piano before we board.’  ‘I will accompany you.’ I said. He didn’t know […]

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