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Stories of people (Addi)

He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said:” I wish to be surprised for my birthday. Nobody has ever done that. It was always me who made plans and invited people. When I was twenty, I got this idea in my head to be in different countries for my birthdays, which has … Continue reading Stories of people (Addi)

Stories of people (Valentin)

Maybe it was one Monday morning that his melancholic headache from the last night’s drinking convinced him to quit his job. He used to wear his uniform and go to the bank every day. On the weekends, he went out with his friends and had fun. His salary was not bad; it could pay his … Continue reading Stories of people (Valentin)

Stories of people (Dani)

His hair was blue. His eyes didn’t look like people from the west. He always smiled in a particular way; he only moved the left side of his lips upwards. When I first met him, I couldn’t guess where he came from; I could only assume that he was from somewhere in the East.  He … Continue reading Stories of people (Dani)

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