When it comes to Venice, there are thousands of musts on the internet telling you where to go or what to see. There are plenty of monuments, places, bridges or even museums. But for me, there is nothing better than walking in the city, getting lost in its narrow streets heading nowhere. You may hear no sound around except your footsteps. You might come across a beautiful small café with local people inside and Italian music playing in the background, a tiny art shop, or even an antique shop selling old stuff. It is still enjoyable even if you end up at a canal where you have to return to find a bridge to cross. In fact, I think you should never see Venice. You should try to feel its atmosphere. It would be perfect if you let Venice make you feel alive.

photo by Henrique Ferreira

I have visited this wonderful city a hundred times, but there is always something new to discover whenever I go there. So if you have never been to Venice, my advice is to not search for anything on the internet before you go. Let the city show itself to you for the first time. It is not a typical city. And believe me, it can talk to you. Just listen….

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