There he is, in my bed, holding another woman in his arms.

I throw my heart at him and a few moments later; I saw it torn apart.

What would you do when your heart is not enough for love?

There he is, standing next to me while he is so far away from me

There I am, trying to fix my broken heart one more time.

Strong enough to confront this one more time.

I’m smart enough to study the Universe, but I can’t understand if one’s heart is not enough, then what will be?

I am tired

I’m broken

I don’t need to be saved

I need to be safe

My head is spinning,

I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or the marijuana

If it is psychedelic reality or it’s just unreality

He said we’re friends, but how could he be so ignorant about me?

I’m not mad cause he didn’t love me back.

I’m mad cause he was so indifferent.

My heart is beating super fast like that it wants to leave my chest

As I was given zero time to move on.

I had to witness them both together.

I close my eyes like to fall sleep

To end this unreality

I opened my eyes again

And I saw them kissing

I doubted at first

Jealousy conquered me, and I thought that I’m wrong

So I told her

She kissed me and told me it’s all in my head

There is nothing in reality

So I smoked, and I let alcohol to travel in my body

But I still saw them cuddling

I saw them arm in arm just a few hours after he said those words.

He said he is broken to be in love with me

And there he was, holding her in his arms

Just a moment after this talk

Is it psychedelic reality?

or is it unreality?

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